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Health Coaching Sessions



This session is for anyone interested in health improvement and disease prevention through sound nutrition.

Your health coach will review your current dietary patterns, and then go over basic nutrition principles.

We’ll recommend an InBody screening to determine your basal metabolic rate and provide an accurate determination of needed calories/portions to maintain, lose or gain weight.

You’ll leave the session with a program designed for you that will fulfill your personal macro-nutrient (protein, carbohydrate and fat) and your micro-nutrient (vitamins and minerals) needs.

Sessions can also include:

  • Nutrition for weight loss
  • Nutrition planning around food allergies or food sensitivities
  • Nutrition for chronic disease
  • Nutrition for sports
  • Nutrition for exercise programs
  • Nutrition for special populations including families, children and seniors

Additional sessions can include personal meal planning and planning for change.


Weight Loss

Are you frustrated by an inability to take weight off? Or do you lose weight only to continually re-gain it?

Your health coach will help you select a program that will work with your personality, body type and current state of motivation.

This session will include nutrition, exercise and motivation counseling.

Continuous follow up sessions are highly recommended.


Chronic Disease Prevention

Are you concerned about a high A1C reading, joint inflammation, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity or your risk for cancer?

You can substantially decrease your odds of contracting chronic disease by the life-style choices you make.

This session will include information about a healing diet, exercise, stress management, better sleep and more.


IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) Management

This session includes an assessment and review of your current dietary patterns, information about IBS and a look at other health issues that can have symptoms similar to IBS.

We will discuss the possible causes of an irritated gut such as inadequate sleep, stressful living and consumption of certain foods, medications and supplements.

You will be encouraged to journal your personal triggers and to return for additional coaching in needed categories.


Exercise Programming

All exercise instruction and programming will begin with an InBody screening, a review of your current and past exercise practices and preferences.

Once we determine your current level of fitness, assess the exercise resources available to you and design an appropriate exercise plan that includes strength, aerobic and flexibility exercises.

Your health coach will also show you how to create and effective and efficient plan that can be done at home, in the gym or outside.

All programs are adjusted for age and individual needs.


Back/Neck Care, Health and Exercise

This session begins with a brief assessment and screening to determine your current health and purpose for seeking back care.

General sessions will focus on:

  • Posture
  • Injury prevention
  • Flexibility and strength exercises
  • The importance of circulation
  • Muscle imbalances/mechanics
  • The stress, sleep and nutrition connection
  • Desk ergonomics
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Self-treatments for acute and chronic conditions


Balance Testing and Training

This session begins with static and dynamic balance testing based on Romberg, Berg and Fullerton screenings.

Scoring on one or more of these tests will determine the level of balance training that will be given.

Common ailments and medications that can affect balance will be discussed as well as posture and exercises for stability.


Stress Management

Stress can affect your health and quality of life, as well as cause illness and pain.

You'll begin the session with a stress evaluation to determine your personal stressors. Your health coach will discuss the results with you and together you will make a plan for change.

You will learn about several stress relief options such as calming focus, deep breathing, visualization, mindfulness and progressive relaxation as well as lifestyle habits that can decrease stress and improve health.

Additional counseling sessions will be recommended as appropriate for your personal needs.


Cognitive Function

You'll learn the basics of brain health and the daily things that you can do to improve memory based on ideas from Making a Good Brain Great by Daniel G. Amen.

With your health coach, you'll practice several activities to improve brain function, and you'll learn about lifestyle habits that affect cognitive function.



Trouble with sleep can be caused by daily habits, stressors or a significant health issue.

You'll work with your health coach to learn what causes insomnia, natural lifestyle changes you can make to improve sleep and whether or not you need to include your doctor in your plan for better nights.


Habit Change and Finding Motivation

Research indicates that as much as 40% of a person’s actions are habits, as opposed to conscious decisions.

Making a personal change requires motivation, a resolute commitment and a rigorous investment of time, energy and perseverance.

You'll learn steps that you can take to help you along the path of change and then set up a plan with your health coach.