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Measure Your Fitness with InBody Assessments

Health coach Trina Barrow conducts a fitness assessment using InBody.

Anyone who has ever committed to a health and fitness routine surely knows the frustrating feeling of putting in the effort without seeing the results on the scale.

“Weight alone can be a misleading figure when it comes to measuring your overall health and creating a lasting plan for a healthy lifestyle,” explained health and wellness coach Trina Barrow. “In reality, there are several other components that can provide a more accurate read of your overall body composition.”

Enter the InBody system.

InBody uses the latest technology to measure a patient’s percentage of body fat, muscle distribution and body water balance—measures that make up a patient’s weight, and more accurately convey a level of overall health.

The system works by stepping on a scale-like platform and grasping two handles that safely send electrical current through the patient’s arms, legs and trunk.

The technology produces a detailed report within 30 seconds, giving Trina and her patients the perfect starting place for a conversation about their individualized health goals.

According to Trina, health care technologies, despite their remarkable capabilities, can only tell you so much. “That’s why the relationship piece is so important,” she said. “Patients can give me insight into how they’re feeling and what’s happening in their life which helps guide my recommendations.”