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Health Coach

Signature Care patients have the opportunity to meet with health coach Trina Barrow on a regular basis to review their progress, discuss goals and talk about the nutrition, exercise and lifestyle adjustments for achieving their greatest success.


Health coaching topics include:


Weight Loss

Chronic Disease Prevention

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Management

Exercise Programming

Back/Neck Care, Health and Exercise

Balance Testing and Training

Stress Management

Cognitive Function


Habit Change and Finding Motivation

General information for all coaching sessions

  • Most sessions run 60-90 minutes.
  • We will begin with a short review of your current health status, special considerations, personal health goals and any other health and wellness related topics. The type and number of follow up sessions will be determined during your first appointment.
  • Any appointment can include an InBody scanner screening. The screen provides information about your body composition: weight, muscle mass, fat mass, percentage of body fat, basal metabolic rate and more.
  • All counseling sessions can include a resource guide and a helpful supplements list based on your personal needs.
  • As most life changes take time, effect emotions and require planning, we recommend a separate session about habit change to help support your goals. You will also learn “how to stay motivated” and “12 steps for positive change”.
  • Some sessions may conclude that you need a referral back to your doctor.
  • Group sessions and classes will also be available throughout the year and will be based on topics from the counseling/coaching sessions. The classes will include extra activities such as nutritious cooking, recipe sharing and tasting, exercise demonstrations, brain games, stress management and relaxation techniques and more.