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An innovative, personalized health care experience.
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Program Overview

Would you like to receive high quality health care from a physician who has the time to know you and be your trusted health partner?

We created EvergreenHealth Signature Care for people like you who want health care that revolves entirely around your needs, your health, your time and convenience.

This new approach to primary care, known as concierge medicine, means there are no long waits for appointments. You can access your physician any time, any place—even on weekends or while you’re away on vacation.

If you like, we can schedule a complimentary "meet and greet" with Dr. Montague or Dr. Wick.  Just call 425.544.1000 or use our email form to schedule this appointment.

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Benefits & Services


  • doc-and-ladyWe offer extended appointment times based on your needs
  • You'll have 24/7 access to your physician via phone, text or email
  • Same or next-day appointments are available for acute needs
  • Your physician will make a home visit when appropriate
  • You can get medical advice while you travel via phone or email
  • Our low patient-to-doctor ratios ensure you'll have more time with your physician



  • While most concierge practices see only adults, our practice treats all ages, even newborns.



  • Wellness programs that target your personal goals
  • Quarterly appointments with our nutritionist and our exercise physiologist
  • Invitations to private health-related events at EvergreenHealth Signature Care
  • Additional materials which may include health related newsletters



  • Your physician will coordinate your care and facilitate referrals with EvergreenHealth specialists.
  • Your physician will be your advocate in coordinating any hospital care at EvergreenHealth Medical Center.
  • Your physician will provide medical advice while you're out of town (via phone or email)


We are part of EvergreenHealth

Signature Care is a service of EvergreenHealth, which is nationally recognized for clinical excellence, patient safety and quality.

EvergreenHealth is ranked as one of America's Best 100 Hospitals for 2019 as well as the Best Hospital and Health System locally by 425 magazine.

Our office is located on the EvergreenHealth Medical Center campus in Kirkland, where more than 800 physician experts provide exceptional care in more than 80 specialties.

Both the Kirkland medical center and the satellite medical center in Redmond provide 24/7 emergency care.